Name: Thomas Kuehn
Job Title: Pediatric Consultant
Title of talk: The value of human milk in the NICU
Biographical Sketch: please see my CV attached
Lecture Abstract: The survival chances of preterm infants have improved considerably in the last few decades. The advantages of giving breast milk to neonates and infants for a sufficiently long period, using this as the sole feeding method as far as possible, have been sufficiently demonstrated.

At least for preterm infants, breast milk is additionally an urgent medical and thus simultaneously a therapeutic intervention: it significantly reduces the typical morbidity of these children, increases the survival rate and improves long-term outcomes.

This presentation aims to give a short overview about the benefits of human milk feeding specially for the tiniest infants to give them the best chances for their long-term development. Also, it will describe that feeding breast milk is a cost-effective way by reducing severe complications like NEC, ROP or BPD.


References: Book:

“Use of Breast Milk for Feeding Preterm Infants”


ISBN 978-3-8374-1539-1