CFS Events Ltd, Policy on Accepting Sponsorship from Formula Milk Companies 2022

CFS Events Ltd has decided not to accept funding from formula milk companies for our events.

Following consideration by CFS Events board of directors and consultation with our scientific committees across various neonatal events and UNICEF, we have decided not to accept any funding from formula milk companies to ensure that there is no promotion of formula milks through any of our events.

CFS Events Ltd wishes to align itself with the standards promoted by UNICEF and WHO in terms of the importance of promoting breastfeeding as the best and healthiest way of feeding a baby. Due to the nature of the events that we run, we strongly advocate the promotion of breastfeeding and provision of advice and support for breastfeeding women.

We understand that for some babies who cannot breastfeed, specialist formula milks are crucial in protecting their health, and in many cases, these can be life-saving. These milks are prescribed by paediatricians and can be vital for young patients with allergies and gastrointestinal conditions and for premature babies.

However attendance at events where formula milk companies have a presence could constitute a conflict of interest for health care professionals due to the presence of marketing materials. We have therefore made the decision to align ourselves with the ‘Baby Friendly Initiative’ Standards by not allowing the marketing of formula milk and associated products at our events. This will enable  attendees to seek fully endorsed study leave funding  to obtain high quality education in neonatology, whilst not being subject to a potential conflict of interest.

With this in mind, we pledge that, moving forward, CFS Events Ltd will not accept funding from formula milk companies for any of their events in 2019 and the future. We will endeavour to ensure that any information that is discussed on specialist formula milks, will be provided by an independent source, free from marketing.

For any further information, please contact CFS Events Ltd on +44 (0)1438 751519, or email

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