Professor of Neonatal Medicine and Consultant Neonatologist,
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK

Professor Boardman researches the role of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging to investigate brain development of fetuses and neonates, factors that confer risk or resilience to perinatal brain injury, and the relationship between quantitative MR features and long-term functional outcome.

He is scientific director of the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory, situated in the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh.

Talk Summary

Prenatal opioid exposure is associated with altered neonatal brain development

Professor Boardman will discuss recent advances in understanding the potential impact of maternal drug use on infant brain development. He will focus on the neurological outcomes of children born to women who are prescribed methadone for opioid use disorder during pregnancy, drawing on recent data from systematic review and neonatal brain magnetic resonance imaging.