Name: Neil Patel
Job Title: Consultant Neonatologist, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow.
Title of talk:  
Biographical Sketch: Neil is a neonatologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. He leads the Helping Us Grow Group (HUGG), a unique collaboration of families and staff developing and implementing family integrated care in the neonatal unit.


Neil is a Scottish Quality and Safety Fellow and a Senior NHS Research Scotland (NRS) Fellow. His interests include quality improvement, staff and family empowerment, neonatal haemodynamics and non-invasive monitoring.





Lecture Abstract: There is growing evidence that involving families as caregivers in the neonatal unit (Family Integrated Care, FIC) can lead to improved outcomes for infants, their families and service providers.   However, implementing FIC can be challenging, requiring change to embedded practice, models of care, and staff roles.


The Helping Us Grow Group (HUGG) is a unique collaboration of families and staff in the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. In this presentation we hope to share our experience of developing and instituting our model of FIC over the past 18 months. Empowerment and engagement of families and staff combined with inspiring innovation are central to our work.


We will describe the processes and challenges of developing FIC in our busy, large neonatal unit as well as the positive transformations in culture, relationships and care that we have all experienced.


Please find us @HUGGrhc