Name: Michele Upton
Job Title: Patient safety Policy Lead, Maternity and Newborns, NHS Improvement
Title of talk:
Biographical Sketch: Michele works as Patient Safety Policy Lead for Maternity and Newborn, NHS Improvement. She trained as a registered nurse and midwife in South Africa, before relocating to the UK in 1993. She undertook her neonatal nurse training in Cambridge where she worked as a clinician, clinical risk manager and lead nurse for the Neonatal ICU.

In 2010 she was seconded to the East of England Perinatal Network as Innovation lead, where she implemented a number of network wide quality improvement projects aimed at improving patient safety, reducing variation in practices across the network and improving outcomes through the provision of standardised models of care.

Michele’s role in NHS Improvement involves advising on policy matters as well as providing clinical insight and response to safety issues for women and newborns. This provides for a rich, exciting and varied work load with involvement in a number of initiatives across the wider healthcare system. Michele is also a qualified Neonatal Life Support trainer and Nursing Editor for Infant journal.


Lecture Abstract:  

Never before has there been an environment so focused on improvements in safety and outcomes for mothers and babies.   This talk will outline the current political and national focus on perinatal safety – highlighting opportunities for neonatal teams to work in collaboration with maternity teams at all levels of the system to deliver lasting improvements in care and outcomes. Programmes covered in this talk include Atain, the Maternal and Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative and will touch on how other organisations safety and improvement work have been brought together to ensure seamless, joined up delivery for front line teams.

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