REaSoN 2017

Speaker Abstract Pro-forma

Name: Dr Karen Luyt

Job Title: Consultant Neonatologist, St Michaels Hospital

Title of talk: Improving neurodevelopment by reducing sepsis: a quality initiative

Biographical Sketch:

Karen Luyt was appointed as s a consultant in neonatal medicine in 2004

and as Walport Senior Lecturer in 2009 with a research interest in brain

injury and improving health outcomes in high risk infants. She works as a

clinical neonatologist in the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St

Michael’s Hospital, Bristol.

Lecture Abstract:

Very low birthweight (VLBW, <1500 g) infants are at high risk of infection

during their stay in neonatal intensive care. Infections in VLBW infants have

an additive detrimental effect on neurodevelopmental outcomes. VLBW

infants are at increased risk of infection because of their immunological

immaturity, exacerbated by intensive care interventions such as central

venous catheterisation and ventilation.

Blood stream infections remain a significant problem in NICUs around the

UK. Recent UK Vermont Oxford data reports that 15% of VLBW infants in

participating units develop one or more nosocomial infection. There is

strong evidence that care bundles to reduce bloodstream infections in

neonatal intensive care units can be very effective in preventing

nosocomial infections.

The presentation will focus on the successful implementation of the Cut

Sepsis Incidence (CSI) QI project in a tertiary level NICU and the long term

impact on neurodisability in this cohort of VLBW infants over a 10 year

interval. The key learning points of our QI journey were the value of

systematic benchmarking of outcomes and changing fatalistic attitudes

around the inevitability of blood stream infections in sick VLBW infants.