Dr Charles Roehr

Consultant Neonatologist

Oxford University Hospital Trust

Charles Christoph completed his training as a Neonatologist at the Charité University Medical Centre Berlin after completing his Paediatric training in Berlin and Oxford. Since 2009 he worked as a Neonatologist at Consultant level and completed his PhD in Neonatal Medicine in 2012 on “Non-invasive respiratory support of Neonates requiring resuscitation”. He holds a university position as Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at the Charité Berlin.

Charles has a keen interest in methods of non-invasive respiratory support/ ventilation (NIV). His second interest lies in medical education and postgraduate training. For many years, he has conducted national and international seminars on when and how to best use NIV and CPAP in neonates. Charles is keen to promote neonatal resuscitation research throughout Europe and beyond. In his role as deputy chair of the European Scientific Collaboration of Neonatal Resuscitation Research, he regularly organizes international research meetings on neonatal resuscitation and non-invasive respiratory support through Europe.

In 2012 Charles took up a 12 month research fellowship at Monash University and the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. He works closely with Profs. Stuart Hooper and Peter Davis on several matters of neonatal transition. The main aim of his research in Melbourne is to investigate the haemodynamic changes that happen in relation to the first breaths of life, at the time of birth.