Consultant Neonatologist

Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, London

Aniko Deierl is a Consultant Neonatologist at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust. She was born in Hungary, and graduated at Semmelweis University, Budapest. She was a pioneer in introducing hypothermia treatment in Hungary with Miklos Szabo in cooperation with Professor Denis Azzopardi and coordinated the TOBY study in Hungary. She completed her training in Paediatrics and Neonatology at Semmelweis University and continued her work in the London, UK. She was awarded a PhD in neuroprotection in 2012 (Semmelweis University). Her research focused on comparing different biomarkers between hypothermia treated and normothermic infants with perinatal asphyxia. She has worked in the UK with Professor Azzopardi for several years and continued to show interest in neonatal neuroprotection studies. In the last years, she diverted her interest towards quality improvement methods and she completed an MSc in healthcare leadership (NHS Leadership Academy). She implemented an Integrated Family Delivered Neonatal Care Model including the IFDC mobile application with a multidisciplinary team and engaged with multiple service improvement initiatives.

Contact details:

Twitter: @DeierlA