Alan used to be a neonatologist –  but now he is not. He seems to recall that he was involved in some fairly important things – but now he is not. To the surprise of both himself and many other people he reached retirement age before being found out and thus, with a deep sigh of relief – he retired.  He now spends a lot of time wandering in his campervan stopping off to do a variety of odd jobs in a variety of locations.  Quite a bit of time is spent acting as a vomit target and picker up in chief for his granddaughter and a trouble diffuser for his grandson although his daughter in law maintains that if he didn’t start the trouble in the first place it wouldn’t need diffusing.  He still likes finding things out and has a fascination with the often-irrational behaviour of human beings, himself included.  While a neonatologist he strongly believed that accepted practice should always be challenged – good practice will be strengthened and poor practice changed.  He still does and to this end is teaching his three-year-old grandson the vital importance of the relentless use of the word “Why”.