Aine Binchy


Galway University Hospital 

Aine Binchy (RANP, RGN, RCN, RNP, BSc(Hons), MSc Advanced Practice Nursing (Neonatology)) is currently employed as an advanced nurse practitioner in Galway University Hospital. She commenced her general nursing career in Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital and completed post graduate paediatrics training at the National Children’s Hospital, Harcourt Street. She worked in full time research into cancer genetics before undertaking a return to nursing course in 1999. Specialising in neonatology for most of her nursing career, she worked in the UK for a number of years before returning to Galway. New-born resuscitation and infant nutrition are her main areas of interest. She has co-authored many peer reviewed articles on genetics and recently published her systematic review on feeding intervals in low birth weight infants.