We are very excited that although this year’s event is now virtual, we will still have a poster session
and posters will be virtually displayed in our meeting hub throughout the meeting.

Please submit abstracts as normal below.



Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st June 2020

Click Here to Submit your Abstract

2 abstracts will be chosen for an oral presentation and
around 10 – 15 abstracts will be selected for poster presentation.

If you have submitted an abstract, we aim to let you know if you have been selected for an oral or poster presentation by 10th  June 2020

If you require any assistance please contact: 

Quality Improvement abstracts:

Abstract Submission Steps

Abstract submission requires two simple steps:

  1. Develop your structured abstract using the guidelines for a structured abstract below.
  2. Complete the Submission and submit your abstract here:

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts should be created with the following demographic information in the header:

  • Title
  • Institution name
  • Institution city, and country
  • Author name(s) and degree(s)
  • Primary author contact name, degree(s), email address, and telephone number

Abstract content should be carefully structured using the following categories to organise your work:

(Please refer to the Submission and Peer Review Checklist for details) 

  • Background
  • “SMART” Aim
  • Setting
  • Mechanism
  • Drivers for Change
  • Methods
  • Measures
  • Data/Results
  • Discussion
  • Team Acknowledgement

The abstract should be a print-ready document, created using Arial 11 font, limited to one page. Figures and tables should be included (maximum of 4 additional pages).

Poster Guidelines

Posters are a visual representation of your improvement story or research abstract, created by your team after your work is accepted.

Use these guidelines to create your poster:

• Posters should be created electronically and saved down as a PDF document.
• Simplicity and clarity are the keys to an effective poster.
• Avoid overwhelming viewers with too much information—the casual viewer should be able to identify the main messages after a quick look at the poster.
• Simple visuals (attractive charts, tables, and graphics) will greatly increase the effectiveness of any poster.
• Symbols, letters, and numbers should be large enough to be seen without Zooming in on a laptop computer.

You will be required to upload your poster to the REaSoN 2020 Virtual event portal prior to the event. You will need to be available to answer questions during the meeting. Training will be given on how to navigate the meeting portal.