Fisher & Paykel Session, REaSoN Meeting 2020

Click Here to Submit your Abstract
4 abstracts will be chosen for an oral presentation and around 20 – 25 abstracts will be selected for poster presentation.

If you have submitted an abstract, we aim to let you know if you have been selected for an oral or poster presentation by 10th May 2020.

If you require any assistance please contact: mica@cfsevents.co.uk

Poster Guidelines

Posters are a visual representation of your improvement story or research abstract, created by your team after your work is accepted.

Use these guidelines to create your poster:

• Posters should be no bigger than A1 if in landscape orientation, or A0 if in portrait orientation.
• Simplicity and clarity are the keys to an effective poster.
• Avoid overwhelming viewers with too much information—the casual viewer should be able to identify the main messages after a quick look at the poster.
• Simple visuals (attractive charts, tables, and graphics) will greatly increase the effectiveness of any poster.
• Symbols, letters, and numbers should be large enough to be seen from a distance of four feet.

You will be required to print and bring your poster with you to the meeting. We will provide poster boards and fixings.