Quality Session, REaSoN Meeting 2017

Deadline date for abstract submission:  Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Abstract submission requires three simple steps:

  1. Develop your structured abstract using the guidelines for a structured abstract below.
  2. Complete the Submission and Peer Review Checklist
  3. Submit your abstract and a copy of Submission and Peer Review Checklist to kirsty@cfsevents.co.uk


Abstracts should be created with the following demographic information in the header:

  • Title
  • Institution name
  • Institution city, and country
  • Author name(s) and degree(s)
  • Primary author contact name, degree(s), email address, and telephone number

Abstract content should be carefully structured using the following categories to organise your work:
(Please refer to the Submission and Peer Review Checklist for details)

  • Background
  • “SMART” Aim
  • Setting
  • Mechanism
  • Drivers for Change
  • Methods
  • Measures
  • Data/Results
  • Discussion
  • Team Acknowledgement

The abstract should be a print-ready document, created using Arial 11 font, limited to one page. Figures and tables should be included (maximum of 4 additional pages).

Click here to view an example

POSTER GUIDELINES                                      

Quality Session, REaSoN Meeting 2017

Use these guidelines to create your poster:

  • Use a horizontal/landscape orientation.
    • Dimensions are not to exceed 48 inches wide X 36 inches high
    Simplicity and clarity are the keys to an effective poster.
    • Avoid overwhelming viewers with too much information—the casual viewer should be able to identify the main messages after a quick look at the poster.
    • Simple visuals (attractive charts, tables, and graphics) will greatly increase the effectiveness of any poster.
    • Symbols, letters, and numbers should be large enough to be seen from a distance of four feet.

If you wish to integrate video into your poster presentation, there are now a variety of commercially available hangers for iPads and similar devices that can be mounted to your poster. Please bring your own hanger, mount it securely, and be sure your electronic device is fully charged. Do not leave any electronic devices unattended. There is no electricity at the poster stations.